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Sephora Holiday sale event

Happy Saturday loves! The Sephora holiday sale event started yesterday and you can’t miss it! 20% off everything. I can spend hours at Sephora without getting bored or tired. I literally love that place. This is the best time to stock up on all your skincare and makeup essentials. I have made it easy, I have selected my favorite products for you.


This is the first step of your routine, it is very important to pick the right cleanser that suits your skin type and helps with your current skin concerns. Thank God Sephora has tons of amazing ones. Below is my selection.


Toners nowadays are an essential part in every skincare route, they used to be thought as unnecessary because they were too astringent or too drying. But they are a great way to introduce actives into your routine or to double down on hydration.


If you’re looking to level up your skin care routine, you need to have serums with active ingredients. They are designed to nourish, protect, and hydrate your skin, a face serum is a great next step after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing.


Moisturizers are super important, a lot of skin issues, including acne, often come from lack of moisture and hydrating, I have picked below some amazing moisturizers.


Do I still need to say this? Everyone needs sunscreen, period!

Lip Care

I think I have a problem, I hoard lip products LOL. Listen I have big lips, I need to keep them hydrated and looking good. Here are some of my faves.

Body Care

As much as we take care of our face, we have the tendency to neglect our body routine. Here are some great products to get you started


Am I the only one that feels like I am naked when I go out without wearing perfume? This is a very important part of my routine, certain scents remind me of specific life moments, feelings etc. So I pick my fragrances very carefully, here are my favorite.

Voila, I hope this was helpful, happy shopping! While you are here, check out my review of Glow Recipe products. Tell me in the comments which products you are excited to start.



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